Yesterday I finished the book Catching Fire it was a really good book. My favorite character was Katniss and my second favorite character was Mags, even though she was old she was truly a genius. What happens first is Katniss and Peeta have to go on the victory tours because they won the previous games. Before the victory tours end they go to the capital and Peeta proposes to Katniss. She is forced to say yes , but the day she sees herself in her wedding dress on TV, the capital announces that two of the remaining Victor's from each district will be in this quarter quell. Which means Katniss will be in the games again and not only that, but one of her two friends Pitta, her husband to be or Haymitch her mentor. The victor's that were chosen were Gloss , Cashmere , Brutus , Enobaria , Beetee , Wiress , Finnick , Mags , Morphlings , Blight , Johanna , Woof , Cecelia , Chaff , and Seeder. At the beginning of the games Finnick immediately helps Katniss and saves Peeta more than once. At the end Katniss blows a hole through the shield and escapes with Beetee and Finnick, but Peeta gets picked up by the capital.