So I moved one month ago and it has been pretty awesome I love it and all the things to do around it like bowling, going out to eat, the park, the game room, and walking to Dadeland. Lately I have been having lots of people over mostly family.

So we finally decided on beds from Ikea so we ordered them 3 weeks ago and they were supposed to come last Wednesday but they didn't come.

We got back in the keys the Sunday before thanksgiving and it was awesome a made a friend within 1 hour after we got there. Her name was Bella. The next day Bella dropped a  bowl in the water and Sandra another girl there (who we didn't know yet) offered us her net to get it out. I still have contact with them and I had a great time with them. Thanksgiving was amazing we made pie and had a great time with friends.

So yesterday (Sunday) we went to key west it was a lot of fun we went to a park and played there for 3 hours then we ate lunch at Casa Marina (which is a hotel) It was so good and I love sitting in the hammocks next to the water. Then we went home...                                                                                                                                      ...or did we well we were going to go home but we decided to look at a beach we drove by and it was a amazing one the sand was awesome and we had a great time then we went home.