So yesterday I woke up at 6:00  a.m. I got up that early because we were going fishing from 8:00 to 4:00. At around 7:10 we left to go to the boat we had chartered for the day. When we got there we thought no one was in the boat because there was only one car parked in front of it. But we got out of the car anyway, grabbed our stuff andwent up to the boat.  It turned out that they were there and ready to go. The captain's name was Rd and the mates name was Bill. About 10 minutes after we got to the boat my aunt and uncle arrived my aunts name is Diana and my uncle's name is Eddie.  First we went to get gas. There was something familiar about the place where we got the gas, it turned out that it was a restaurant called  Burdines that we had eaten at awhile back. At Burdines we also got ice for all the fish we were  going to catch.  After we did all that we started to head to the place we were going to fish. I was up at the tower sitting with my mom, my aunt, my dad, and my brother. It was scary getting down from the ladder because we were still driving and  the boat was  rocking a lot. I went down into the cabin of the boat where I started feeling dizzy and my stomach started hurting, it was not a good feeling.   My brother was also feeling sick so we were in misery together.  After awhile my brother felt better and went outside to do some more fishing.  Unfortunately, I didn't feel good until the very end but it was a on and off thing for me, so I did get  to enjoy some of it in between bouts of feeling nauseous.  We caught tons of fish. The kinds of fish we caught were; mahi mahi, tuna, more mahi mahi, an amberjack and last but not least a Bonita, which turned out to be good only for bait.  By the time we caught the Bonita I was better. During one of the times I felt better my dad caught  one of the mahi mahis it was as big as my brother, it was really cool to watch him catch it. It was especially cool because it kept jumping up and down out of the water the whole time.  At the very end we took some photos and went to a restaurant while the captain cut up the fish. It was so much fun!

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