So today is Augest 19 2017 and I am on a long road trip in my trailer from Miami Florida to North Carolina near Nashville. The reason I am posting this a few days after it happened is because I do not have internet. (well I do have internet today but not after that so I am just making this one long post.)


August 19, 2017

Okay, so this morning I got up at 6:30 AM and started to get ready by packing my I-pad surface and their chargers and changing. After that I realized I was hungry so I ate a pack of oatmeal. For some reason, I hate going on a trip a having messy hair so of corce I brushed my hair. We were on the road t 7:01 AM. I just sat for a while and then played on my I-pad we stopped a lot, but at 11:30 ish we found out we were going to have my grandparents join us for lunch at a rest stop it was a very welcome surprise. We ate chickcan salad, and I had a good time talking to them. After a few more hours in the car we finally got to the RV park in Georgia. Almost as soon as we got there we went to the pool there and for the awesome almost end of the me and Tyler learned to play pool and ate dinner. The best part was writing it with the peaceful notice of rain.



August 20, 2017

So right now, I am driving in the car typing at 5:05 AM we left this morning at 5:39 AM. I am enjoying the pretty stars of the night. Talk to you later bye. Hi again so we just had our lunch break and our first smell of pine cones, they smell so good it’s my favorite smell ever. So, we just drove past Columbia, South Carolinas capital and had breakfast. For breakfast I had a jelly sandwich because our microwave didn't work because we forgot we didn't have power. We just got into North Carolina!!!!!!! Okay so where was I? The microwave right, so that is why I had lunch for breakfast. Like the other day there was lots of rest stops, but todays ride is a lot bumpier. Talk soon bye. Okay so we got here it is beautiful. When we got here we parked our trailer in our spot right next to the creek after my dad hooked everything up we could play in the creek. It was very fun to play in it. We found cool rock’s, crawdaddys, and fish. We also walked around the camp ground and played in the field.



August 21 2017

So today I had an amazing day. First me and my brother played in the creek and found rocks. Today is the solar eclipse so we walked around to find a spot to view the eclipse and walked to the church that was just up thehill from where the trailer was. Because we wanted to find a better spot we drove the twisty road, known as the Blue Ridge Parkway. We found a very nice spot where we met some very nice elders who drove their RV up there. They were two sisters whose names were Karl and June. They asked us if we had solar eclipse glasses and we said no. They had extra so they gave us some.  It was so cool seeing the eclipse we only saw 98.9% but it still was really cool. After we saw the eclipse we went back to the trailer. Tyler and my dad played basket ball and football while I was in the creek. Later me and Tyler came in to eat while my dad talked. My mom told us to go play in the creek afterwards so we did. As we played in the creek I went up to a rock with Tyler behind me and looked at the rock and saw a snake about a foot away from me. I ran (walked) as fast as I could. I told my dad what the snake looked like and he said that it could be a copper head, so I drew it for him he said he wasn't sure if he was correct. I didn't go to the creek for the rest of the day. Later I talked with my parents a little and watched The Nut Job with my brother.



August 22 2017

So today I had a great day. I woke up got ready and went to the creek to clean up a bucket. After me and Tyler walked for 30 minutes because we were waiting for the offices to open to get a football but we were not able to get in because we left before they opened. So, we left for Marilyn a town here to get gas and internet so we got gas and toke a 30 min stop for internet. (I did not have my I-pad or surface) then we went to lunch at Mt. Mitchell. The food was great even without ketchup. (I did not like the ketchup) After we went to the summit and went on a hike there. Later we went to Roaring Fork Falls a waterfall hike it was absolutely beautiful. Then we went home and put our chairs in the creek to sit in it . Then went to play football. Then we had an amazing game of Stud.



August 23, 2017

Today was so boring all I will say is we went town and eat lunch.


August 24, 2017

So today we went to Biltmore in Ashville. It was fun we got our tickets and then went to the parking we got out and got on the but that takes us to the Biltmore we didn't want to walk in the crowds of people so we decided to walk in the gardens. After we eat lunch at the Stable restaurant which was made from a real barn. Then we went to see the Lego exhibit but when we got there there was only one tiny Lego set. So, we went home.



August 25, 2017

So today we didn't do that much. We woke up went on a drive to little Switzerland and then went to Marion to get movies a Walmart. We got the Hunger Games complete series and 2 other movies of Tyler’s pick. After that we went to Fats Café to eat. Then we went Home and watched the Mockingjay Part 1 had a break and then watched Part 2. Then went to bed.


August 26 2017

Today I got home.

So today is Augest 19 2017 and I am on a long road trip in my trailer from Miami Florida to North Carolina near Nashville. The reason I am posting this a few days after it happened is because I do not have internet. (well I do have internet today but not after that so I am just making this one long post.