Hi, everyone so I am moved into my apartment. and a lot has happened since I also Tyler has turned ten and I am trying to start my own business. Bath Bombs!!!! So, I have recently got interested in bath bombs and started making my own. When I introduced the idea to my dad he said I would have to write a business plan a so I have been doing that. So far, my Bath Bombs Float, Fizz, and have okay color.

                      I am almost done with school!!!! Only a few more weeks and I already finished one of my books. Math...                                                                                                                                Well that might take a little longer. I still have a lot of Books thought.

·        Reading Book 1 (grade 7 I am in 6 grade)

·        Reading Book 2

·        Social Studies

·        Math

·        Science

·        and just Reading

Finally ... I am entering in the Youth Fair over 20 crafts Today!!!! I am going to be rich (you make monny in the Fair) Although the Fair doesn’t start until the end of March.