I hope you all had a magnificent Easter. I for one did, I started the day of by going to the roof of my building and throw the football with my dad and brother. A strange thing to do on the morning of Easter Sunday, but after that we did go to church that goes by the name of Cross Bridge. At 12:00 (when Church ended) we went out to eat at The Brick or did we...

Well when we got to the Brick there where no seats inside i my dad can not stand heat. So across the street there was one other restaurant open Sushi Mahi not a normal place to go on Easter. Well after that we went to the...  Apartment and...  watched a movie. At about 3:30 we went to my parents office also known as my school luckily there was no school today! then we went to my cousins house me and my cousin Eden and Naomi Talked for a while, ate and then the Easter egg hut i found so much but i traded all the candy for a eraser, 4 play-do's, molding clay, and chalk. Then we went home and well, slept. To add to the fun the next day (today) I got a nice sun burn. 

Oh and almost forgot We sold our House!!!!!