The boring day and the fun drive

So yesterday I really spent 5 hours on "Brookes World" and then my dad said we're going and I replied where are we going and he said to the keys I was so surprise , but we do go there every weekend. The beginning of the ride was boring but after a while we turned at a restaurants , I didn't recognize it at first but then I realized it was Morada Bay Beach Cafe one of my favorite restaurants. I ate a fruit bowl and some of my brothers chicken tenders and fries it was delicious. we left in the middle of the sunset , but it wasn't over yet in the keys there lot's of bridges and at the last few moments of the sunset we went over Bridge , it was gorgeous.


Our house

So today I am moving back into my remodeled house. It is crazy I spent all afternoon cleaning floors and cabinets , but it was worth it my house is awesome now especially my bathroom it is gorgeous. I can't wait for life to get back to normal.

My life

Hi my name is Brooke Diane Birch, and I am going to tell you about my life.

         About five months ago, I excused myself from my previous school, Whispering Pines, and daringly started learning Classical Conversations. C.C is a program based on the classical method. Most schools down in Miami use computer programs. Some of which are called Iready, reflex math and So far, I am enjoying homeschooling. My first favorite hobby is skiing the slopes. I move swiftly on freshly groomed slopes, and glide through layers of fresh powder on those fabulous snow days. My second favorite hobby is to enjoy the art of free style ballet, I especially enjoy dancing with my cousin Jada who is a great dancer.  My third favorite hobby is painting a blank canvas, sqeezing rainbows out of a tube.